Make Your Own Wine

Make your own wine

Custom Wine Making Experience

Indulge in the selection of nearly 75 wines sourced from 12 diverse countries and three vibrant states—California, Oregon, and Washington—offering a global tapestry of flavors.  Schedule a tasting to choose the perfect batch for your wine-making experience. A batch includes 28 bottles of wine.

Working alongside our skilled winemakers to unlock the secrets of the craft, you will begin making your wine while gaining knowledge about the entire process.  Get ready to unravel the mysteries behind the alchemy of creating exquisite wines

Now comes the hardest part. Waiting! The anticipation builds during the 10-16 weeks after you pitch the yeast on your wine.  Meanwhile, our professional winemakers will be meticulously ensuring your wine’s perfection. While you are waiting, feel free to stop in any time to check on the progress of your wine and to enjoy a glass of wine with some good company.

During the weeks of fermentation and wine processing, unleash your creative spirit and start designing your custom label. You are only limited by your imagination. Create the perfect label that expresses who you are! For more information about the custom label specifications see the additional information at bottom of page.

Finally, celebrate the culmination of your journey with a wine bottling party, an unforgettable toast to your handcrafted creation!  Around the 16-week mark, give us a call and we will schedule your wine bottling party! 

Looking ahead for your bottling, here is what to expect:

–  This is your bottling party!  Invite friends and/or family!

–  Please be sure to call/email us if you’ll have more than 2 people coming to help you bottle.

–  Plan for 1 to 1.5 hours to finish.  (NOTE: Your wine will not be ready to taste/drink until the end of the process.)

–  We’ll teach you how to put your wine into a wine bottle, cork the bottle, apply a foil (color of your choice) and  

    apply your custom private label.

Bottling Party Includes: Two Complimentary glasses of wine per batch being bottled

Custom Label Requirements:

  • Vertical format sizing:  3” x 4” -or- Horizontal format sizing:  4” x 3”

Resolution: 300+ DPI (dots per inch) – this resolution prevents the granular (grainy) look

  • Acceptable File Formats: JPEG, PSD, PDF, or EPS
  • We recommend that you include the type of wine and year on your label (e.g. Merlot ~ Stag’s District, 2023)

Email your custom label to, and in the subject line include, “Custom Label.” 

We need your custom label design no later than a week before your scheduled bottling date.

If you do not have the ability to add type/fonts, or create the graphic design for your label, please email us the photo and a description of what else you’d like on the label – no later than 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED BOTTLING DATE – for us to assist you with this process.  Please refer to the above acceptable formats for your image. Please note, if we do not receive your label information on time, your bottling date WILL be rescheduled.

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