Curated Wine and Food Pairing

Charcuterie items on a table

Enjoy Delicious Wine and Food Pairings

Confused about what wine to pair with what food? Let us help!

Indulge in a sensory symphony as you navigate the art of wine and food pairings with one of our three exclusive experiences hand selected by our Head Winemaker.  Are you uncertain about which wine complements your culinary desires? Fret not; we’re here to guide you through a remarkable journey of taste and discovery.  Prepare to embark on a sensory odyssey where every sip and bite ignites a symphony of flavors, tantalizing your taste buds and awakening your palate to new dimensions.

Opt for the velvety richness and robust flavors of the all red flight, the crisp and refreshing elegance of the all white flight, or for the adventurous epicurean, our harmonious combination flight offers a tantalizing fusion of red and white varietals—catering to those with an appetite for variety.

Each of these exquisite experiences unfolds with five tantalizing 2 oz pours, thoughtfully paired with an array of five expertly chosen charcuterie items that will accentuate the nuances of the wines.  You also receive your choice of crackers. Whether you’re reveling in this moment alone or as part of a couple or group, our experiences cater to your preferences, ensuring an intimate and personalized encounter with our exceptional wines.

Discover the joy of harmonious pairings and immerse yourself in a world of flavors at our wine haven.  Reserve your place to embark on this exploration with one of our amazing wine ambassadors who will assist you in unravelling the mysteries of wine and food pairing!  Tantalize your taste buds and leave with a new found appreciation for the art of wine and food pairing.

As you revel in this delightful journey, don’t miss an opportunity to explore our “Build-A-Board” menu featuring over 25 exquisite items at our Charcuterie Station.  All food items are individually wrapped and presented with a charcuterie board, cheese knife, plates, and napkins, creating a visually stunning and delectable feast.

For those with dietary preferences, we happily accommodate gluten-free options upon request, ensuring that everyone can partake in the excitement of our wine and food pairings.

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